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Star Iron Works

Consistency upheld by experience.

Our people bring decades of invaluable experience to every job.

Star Iron Works is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of drilling components. Although the original "iron works" was founded in 1878, our company has focused on supporting professional drilling contractors since the mid-1950s. We supply tools and materials for efficiently drilling through all types of substrates. From rocky New England to the sandy soils of Maryland or the cobbles and cave-ins of Michigan, Star can supply virtually everything you need for any particular drilling job.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring our customers have complete peace of mind.

Star Iron Works

Experience is the best teacher and provides insights into the nuances of an industry. Our workers bring decades of invaluable experience to every job.

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Industries Served

Our company supports numerous industries ranging from Oil and Natural Gas operations to water well and construction. Virtually any industry that requires drilling. We can do this because of our diversified industry expertise and seasoned personnel. Regardless of the application, Star has the manufacturing know-how to meet customers unique requirements.

Distribution Coverage

Our products are sold worldwide, however, our primary distribution is in North America (US, Canada and Mexico). We have strategically placed locations to best satisfy our customer’s scheduling requirements, and routinely leverage all types of common carriers for distribution.

Leadership / Management

Star is family owned and operated and is recognized for depth of knowledge, problem solving, and quality manufacturing. Our company is large enough to handle virtually any need our customers have, yet small enough to provide the hands-on attention necessary for stellar service.

Star Iron Works

Our goal has always been, and remains to be, the best source for quality manufacturing in the drilling industry.
Frank Stockdale, President/CEO

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