Star Iron Works, Inc., manufactures and distributes a comprehensive array of drill rods, stabilizers, subs, rotary drilling bits, tools, parts and accessories for any type of waterwell drilling application. Although the original "iron works" was founded in 1878, our company has focused on supporting professional drilling contractors since the mid-1950s. We supply tools and materials for efficiently drilling through all types of substrates. From rocky New England to the sandy soils of Maryland or the cobbles and cave-ins of Michigan, Star can supply virtually everything you need for any particular drilling job.

Experienced people
Star Iron Works, Inc. technical personnel has hands-on experience with all aspects of waterwell drilling. Our many friends and associates in the waterwell drilling industry have learned to depend on Star’s problem-solving expertise whether it's on the phone or at the job site. Thanks to our in-house staff engineers and engineering consultants, Star has amassed a broad knowledge base. This know-how drives our product development and helps us maintain world-class service standards. We often modify standard products or create custom-made, one-of-a-kind tools for particularly challenging projects.

Proven products

Whether we manufacture it ourselves or simply stock it for quick delivery, Star Iron Works, Inc. assures you down-the-hole quality and outstanding performance. Star products, tools and equipment have been used to drill pumped wells, artesian wells, monitoring wells between landfills and aquifers, and injection wells for remediation programs, just to name a few.

Responsive service

If we cannot help you on the phone, qualified Star field technicians can be dispatched to troubleshoot drilling situations on-site whether it involves standard equipment or custom-designed tooling. Although Star products are sold worldwide, our primary distribution is in North America (the US, Canada and Mexico). We operate our own fleet of crane-equipped trucks for timely deliveries throughout New England, the mid-Atlantic and most southern states, and we routinely use all types of common carriers to satisfy our customer's logistics.


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